マレーシアダイビング情報  Malaysia Diving Information

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, 60% of Malaysia's land area is tropical rainforest. It is a multiethnic nation with a unique culture that is a blend of Malay, Chinese and Islamic religions and practices. It has a tropical rainforest climate with high temperatures throughout the year, with strong seasonal winds from June to August and a rainy season from December to February.
Just like culture, the sea has a wide variety of faces, and you can enjoy a wide variety of diving such as the dynamic Sipadan area with many big fish, Layang Layang, and Mabul Island, a paradise for macro divers.
Sipadan Island, which floats in the open sea of the Celebes Sea, is also famous as a sacred place for sea turtles, where you can see bigeye trevally, tornadoes of barracudas, and schools of the Greater finfish. It is a small island with a circumference of 1.2 km. There used to be three resorts for divers, but they were removed from the viewpoint of nature conservation. There is only a coast guard facility because there is also an intrusion. Sipadan Island has a limit on the number of divers it accepts per day, and a permit is required to land on the island. It can be said that it is a safe island, but security boarding is required when moving. Sipadan is accessed from surrounding islands such as Mabul and Kapalai. It takes about 30 minutes by speedboat.